Flexible I.O. Combinations with Maximum Rugged Industrial Solutions

May 14, 2020 Evelyn Tsai, Marketing Manager, Wincomm Corporation

Facing rapidly changing industrial environments, and various applications, customization services are necessary to suit different requirements. Moreover, paradigm shifting technology trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have disrupted the electronics marketplace. This disruption has opened the door for countless startups, as well as existing companies looking to enter new application areas.

Fig 1. The rising up demand on IoT increase more HMI control applications in all fields of a city, and AIoT opens the door for countless startups with growing new applications.

Typically, most industrial grade panel PC enclosure systems are fitted with cable entry glands that will maintain a seal, while providing a clean, safe entry point for cabling to reach computer equipment. In fully sealed applications, some companies design full IP series which are designed with stainless steel housing and M12 metal connectors with fixed I.O. combination to extend external I.O. by M12 connectors. Customization requires growth to fit in different applications. It is a challenge to customize external I/O, such as USB3.0, HDMI, and DP; therefore, manufacturers might need to charge NRE and users will wait a longer time to get products.

Wincomm, a long-time leading manufacturer of industrial PC design, leverages a variety of optional cable gland for external I.O. design with various cable grommets available to suit specific enclosure applications with minimum time to market and thus make it a cost-effective solution to users. This new design allows for a range of full IP product series, including WTP-9E series, WTP-9E-W wide temp series, WTP-8D series, WTP-8B series, and WTP-8B-W wide temp series. Sizes range from 15-23.8 inches to enlarge the uses of rugged IIoT solutions with economic benefits.


Fig 2. Wincomm new cable gland for external I.O. solution suits for the rapid changed industrial environments with various I.O. combination under IP66/IP69K test proof.

This new design would maximize I.O. combination based on various conditions by its flexible cable grommets with up to 5 external I.O. selections. Users could select suitable product SKU. The optional cable gland for external I.O. design has been proofed to pass CE, FCC, VCCI class B, and could sustain IP66/IP69K test criteria in WTP-9E series, WTP-8B series, and WTP-8D series. This results in an upgraded product for industrial, to home, to office, and laboratory usage.

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