Excelfore Releases eDatX Data Aggregation Platform

June 28, 2019 Laura Dolan

Excelfore’s eDatX™ platform is conducive for big data driven AI (Artificial Intelligence) learning in areas of error detection, predictive analytics and advanced algorithm development.

The eDatX platform combines eSync Compliant automotive OTA and data gathering pipelines that yield a secure service-oriented architecture to expose data from any amount of sensors and controllers in the connected car.

The eDatX™ platform for big data driven AI-learning in fields of error detection, predictive analytics, and advanced algorithm development.

The platform has eDatX in the cloud and includes:

  • Flow control to manage data input from thousands of vehicles
  • Real-time stream processing
  • Data lake storage with statistical aggregation
  • APIs for reporting and visualization of data
  • APIs for contact and consolidation with AI Machine Learning engines

The in-vehicle eDatX service also features:

  • Combining OTA data pipeline for authentication, provisioning and registration
  • Rules-based data management based on flow control policies
  • Centralized and distributed rolling buffers for data from multiple sensors and ECUs
  • In-vehicle data stores for multiple sensors and ECUs
  • Data granularity management during ingestion and post-storage
  • Policy-based data granularity management to adjust to spotty or failed network connections

“Handling data effectively can lead to multimillion-dollar savings in accelerated development of many advanced automotive technologies such as electric vehicle powertrain optimization, and can serve as an essential foundation for HPC (High Performance Computing) for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving. The eDatX platform provides the data aggregation capabilities needed to deliver successful, cost-effective projects,” said Excelfore’s CEO, Shrinath Acharya.

Learn more at www.excelfore.com.

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