• The Recipe for Designing in Deeply Embedded AI

    The recipe for an AI design can begin like just any other embedded system—though perhaps the choice of the right MPU/ MCU should consider the availability of an “AI-friendly” ecosystem.

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  • Dev Kit Weekly: Thundercomm TurboX AI Kit

    Dev Kit Weekly: Thundercomm TurboX AI Kit

    This week we review the Thundercomm TurboX AI Kit, which is based on the Thundercomm TurboX module, which is based on the Qualcomm SDA845 heterogeneous SoC, which is based on... just kidding.

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  • EU-Funded Consortium Launches ECO COM'BAT Project For Sustainable High-Voltage Batteries

    EU-Funded Consortium Launches ECO COM'BAT Project For Sustainable High-Voltage Batteries

    Although significant advances in the efficiency, power density, and performance of embedded electronic systems has and will continue to increase, better batteries (betteries?) wouldn’t hurt either.

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  • Industry Deals Underscore the Growing Importance of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors

    More companies are releasing GaN and SiC devices for advanced electronics and power systems, and more engineers are adopting GaN and/or SiC in their next-generation designs.

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  • Dev Kit Weekly – Maxim Integrated MAX86150EVSYS Mobile Health Monitoring Kit

    Dev Kit Weekly – Maxim Integrated MAX86150EVSYS Mobile Health Monitoring Kit

    Rather than one piece of hardware, this week you get two: The MAX86150 electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram bio-sensor module and MAX32630FTHR microcontroller board, both from Maxim Integrated.

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  • The Precision of Power

    The ability to accurately monitor and control the performance in an electronic circuit with ICs has revolutionized power management.

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  • Maxim Class D Audio Amp Pumps Up the Volume

    I was excited when I got an earful of the MAX98390 boosted Class D audio amplifier with integrated DMS, integrated boost converter, and FET scaling for higher-efficiency at lower output power levels.

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  • More Modular Automotive HMIs Merge Demands for ADAS, Infotainment

    The software-defined car concept is promoting the release of new features and capabilities through over-the-air firmware updates, and drastically shortening traditional time to market windows.

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  • How to Extend Legacy Systems into the AI & IoT Era

    The advantages of AI and IoT are too difficult to ignore. Collecting equipment or process data and transmitting it to an AI can immediately produce actionable insights.

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  • Achronix Pushes FPGAs to the Max

    Achronix Semiconductor, a provider of FPGA-based hardware accelerator devices, introduced its Speedster7t family.

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  • Tear Down: iBTB2 Bluetooth Drink Cooler

    There’s one drink cooler I’m aware of that combines a Bluetooth speaker with its cooler, the iBTB2, or the iHome Double Wall Insulated Hydration Bottle with Detachable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

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  • How LoRa Devices are Helping Preserve Art and Cultural History

    By enabling efficient art health monitoring, Conserv’s LoRa-based solution saves museums and exhibitions thousands of dollars.

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  • Securing the IoT with a Purpose-Built IoT Certificates

    We were able to reach out to Alan Grau, the VP of IoT and Embedded Systems at Sectigo, to talk about the acquisition by Icon Labs and the company’s plans.

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  • The TALQ Consortium Presents an Integrated Ecosystem for Smart Cities

    The TALQ Consortium aims to establish a globally-accepted standard for management software interfaces to configure, command, control, and monitor heterogeneous outdoor device networks.

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  • Our Crowded Spectrum, and the End of Thin Client

    The cloud and IoT are making the final migration from a “Thin Client” approach to one of networked smart systems that do their own onsite processing, reducing the burden on network traffic.

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  • New York Looks to Europe for Offshore Wind Guidance

    New York Looks to Europe for Offshore Wind Guidance

    Wind power is an excellent example of a solid-state power generation solution, as it takes the motion of the wind and converts it into energy without an intermediate conversion stage.

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  • AIoT: The Intersection of AI and IoT for Better and Faster Decision Making

    That’s something that’s just starting to garner its share of the spotlight. It actually involves the embedding of AI technology into IoT components.

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  • Power Integrations' GaN Move Underscores Wide-Bandgap Acceptance

    Although a wide variety of WBG devices have been available for quite some time from several different vendors, there still seems to be some skepticism out there.

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  • InnoPhase’s Low-Power Wi-Fi Transceiver Puts Battery-Powered Devices at the Edge of the IoT

    A low-power rack-mounted system may be pulling in hundreds of watts, but it’s still “low power” relative to what competitive products offer.

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  • Advanced Systems and Inter-Device Communications

    Advanced Systems and Inter-Device Communications

    The development of next-generation cloud-based functionality continues at a breakneck pace, fueled by the ongoing expansion of the IoT, compounded by the growth of edge computing.

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