ON Semiconductor Introduces its Ultra-Low-Power RSL10 SIP

November 26, 2018 Laura Dolan

ON Semiconductor launched its RSL10 System-in-Package (SIP), a Bluetooth Low Energy Switch reference design that operates solely from harvested energy. It powers Bluetooth 5 devices sans batteries that are entirely self-powered.

The RSL10 SIP simplifies system design and minimizes the Bill of Materials as well as powering a gamut of IoT applications.

The switch’s new features are designed to accommodate the lack of a buck/boost converter for better design-in and improved performance, as well as a smart dimming function.

The Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch is designed to operate with the ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit and Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Development Kit; both include a wide-ranging sensor, connectivity and actuator devices portfolio.

“Energy harvesting is becoming increasingly important for IoT deployments since it eliminates the need for power delivery, battery costs and replacement costs coupled with its inherent eco-friendliness,” said Wiren Perera, ON Semiconductor’s head of IoT. “Based on the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth radio, the Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch is the perfect starting point for self-powered Bluetooth IoT applications. Along with the reference hardware design, ON Semiconductor provides a firmware suite, which can be customized using the RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK).”

For more information, visit http://www.onsemi.com.

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