Embedded World attendees excited by PICMG technologies

April 6, 2018 Justin Moll, PICMG

PICMG, an embedded computing specification development organization, had it largest presence at Embedded World to date this year. Attendees from the industrial, IoT, transportation, and defense markets came to our booth to check out technologies and specifications from our 23 members.

The technologies on display included:

  • 8 COM Express products (3 of which were ruggedized chassis solutions)
  • 7 CompactPCI Serial products (3 of which were the CompactPCI Serial Space version)
  • 4 MicroTCA/AMC products
  • 3 AdvancedTCA products
  • 1 CompactPCI (bus) product
  • 1 PICMG 1.3 motherboard product

Visitors were excited to see the expansive and growing ecosystem for CompactPCI Serial, which utilizes a high-performance serial connector system for serial traffic (PCIe, Ethernet, etc). The architecture provides very high performance at a competitive price and is used in various railway, industrial, and defense applications. The rugged/conduction-cooled options were attractive to military and aerospace visitors and the Space version with radiation-hardened components was quite compelling. Visitors also saw ruggedized versions of the small form factor COM Express architecture, including types with PCIe expansion and brand new processor options, including server-grade designs. The breadth of MicroTCA/AMC/AdvancedTCA products was also impressive, with several digitizers and backplane/chassis designs.

The booth at Embedded World was a great way for users of embedded systems to learn about the technologies from multiple vendors in one location. Our members did an excellent job of having a highly knowledgeable expert in the booth available to discuss their products. PICMG is planning to have a booth again next year and welcomes input/ideas from our members or suggestions from those interested in the technologies.

On behalf of the PICMG leadership team I’d like to thank the 23 members who participated and all of the great volunteers and visitors. For details on membership, the embedded computing specifications mentioned, or general info on PICMG, visit http://www.picmg.org.

Justin Moll is Vice President of Marketing for PICMG.

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