• Archanan Declares Beta Launch of its Archanan Development Cloud

    Archanan launched its Archanan beta program that will make testing by supercomputing centers, enterprises, OEMs and other organizations involved with large scale computing and development possible.

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  • Adesto Claims First Truly-Open Edge Server for Building Automation and Industrial IoT

    Adesto’s SmartServer IoT can integrate non-interoperable communications protocols for diverse functions such as lighting, security, HVAC, fire detection and others.

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  • Efficient Security Cuts the Cord

    Efficient Security Cuts the Cord

    For many IIoT devices such as those deployed in isolated settings, or mobile robots that need to disconnect from fixed power, batteries or renewable energy are the only practical power source.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • City-Scale Edge Inference, Built in 3 Weeks

    City-Scale Edge Inference, Built in 3 Weeks

    Video surveillance is growing at a breakneck pace, creating urgent demand for automated analytics.

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  • Avoid VPNs with Global Access Networks for IoT Control

    Avoid VPNs with Global Access Networks for IoT Control

    The underlying network is fundamental to a secure remote device management solution and IoT digital safety.

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  • How to Develop Cross-Industry IoT Interoperability

    Multi-Part Series
  • Cepton Releases its Vista-Edge LiDAR Evaluation Kit

    Cepton announces Vista-Edge LiDAR Evaluation Kit for physical security sensing.

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  • Qualcomm’s RealWear and UROS to Supply Digital Advancements in Kazakhstan

    RealWear and UROS plan to deploy 10,000 HMT-1 devices powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform to digitally connect the industrial workforce in Kazakhstan.

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  • Five Minutes With…Steen Graham, GM, IoT Ecosystem, Intel

    Five Minutes With…Steen Graham, GM, IoT Ecosystem, Intel

    The IoT is just starting to embrace AI and neural nets. While previously a Cloud-based application, such algorithms are migrating to the Edge, thanks to the latest and greatest microprocessors....

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  • T&VS Delivers Cloud-Based Insurance Solutions Refresh for Gerald Built Around Vlocity and Salesforce

    Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS), a leading hardware verification and software testing solutions provider, today announced that its Telecom, Systems and Software Solutions Group has...

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  • Sensory Brings Natural Language Recognition to Mainstream Embedded Devices

    When it comes to speech recognition, Sensory always seems to be one step ahead of the game. It’s a pretty low-key company, but they’ve made a name for themselves to be just a little bit better.

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  • AAEON Releases Second Generation of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

    AAEON, an associate member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, celebrates the launch of the Second Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

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  • Consolidate Your Ever-Growing Workload

    Where consolidation becomes a challenge is when you want to retrofit into existing equipment. Swapping in new boards or servers isn’t as simple as it sounds, particularly from a software perspective.

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  • Connected Cars Deliver Convenience Along with Security Risks

    This connection enables conveniences that were unimaginable a decade ago, like the ability to buy movie tickets, make restaurant reservations and check in with every friend in a one mile radius.

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  • Digi International Releases Digi EX15

    Affordable CAT11-capable cellular extender provides LTE connectivity for business continuity in the storefront, branch office and beyond.

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  • What can be Done to Improve IoT Security?

    The scale and rate of growth are both huge; with significantly more connected nodes than there are people on the planet and herein lays both the strength and vulnerability of the IoT.

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  • Rugged Tablet Computers for Healthcare Applications

    Rugged medical tablets can be used to streamline operations in hospital halls, waiting rooms or nurse stations for communicating and documenting patient information.

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  • How Close are we to Eliminating Batteries in the IoT?

    Even if electrical power cords aren’t required, batteries are—all IoT devices must have power.

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  • Challenges Developers to Reimagine Everyday Life with AI in New IoT Contest

    Participants tasked with demonstrating the power of SmartEdge Agile and the Brainium portal to deploy intelligent IoT projects

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  • congatec’s AI-Based Vision Platforms Will be at Japan’s IoT/M2M Expo

    congatec will be exhibiting at Japan IoT/M2M Expo (booth 10-42 West Hall 2, 1F), showcasing its latest demo platforms for next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) based embedded vision systems.

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  • Bridgetek and Zerynth & Riverdi to Forge IoT Tech Partnership

    Bridgetek announced a three-way collaborative partnership with Zerynth and Riverdi to develop next-generation smart-building systems and Industry 4.0-ready factory automation equipment.

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