MilSource announces space-saving, rugged Ethernet switch with physical media conversion

February 27, 2018 ECD Staff
Techaya MILTECH 948 Ethernet Switch + Media Converter
Techaya MILTECH 948 Ethernet Switch + Media Converter

MilSource announced the availability of Techaya’s new MILTECHTM 948: a compact, MIL-STD Layer 2+ Ethernet switch with both copper and fiber connections that allows the switch to act as a physical media converter to bridge a change in physical media (copper to fiber or fiber to copper) or extend a LAN connection.

“In an era of modernization of mobile military platforms, we’re seeing a redesign that replaces heavy, slower-speed copper cabling with lightweight, high-speed fiber to connect communications devices. During this transition phase, however, it’s still necessary to connect older-generation devices using copper connection to these fiber backbones,” said Ronen Isaac, general manager of MilSource. “The MILTECH 948 saves valuable space and weight by providing both network switching and physical medium conversion in a single, compact platform.”

Designed to meet harsh military and avionics environments, this fully-managed switch supports the latest networking protocols for redundant link topology, security, multicast and management requirements. With eight base-switched 10/100/1000 ports, the MILTECH 948 supports the option for up to two 100Base-FX or 1000Base-FX fiber ports that can be configured for a variety of multimode, single mode and WDMB connections for a variety of 81 possible configurations.

The MILTECH 948 features mechanical packaging enhancements designed to withstand excessive vibration and temperature variation to meet MIL-STD-810G airborne and ground environmental compliance. Using MIL-STD-1275/704 power the MILTECH 948 can be easily integrated in to most vehicle and avionic electronic systems.

For more information about the MILTECH 948, or other Techaya products, please visit MilSource, the exclusive US distributor for Techaya products at

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