Infineon Expands its CoolGaN portfolio with 400 V 600 V Industrial-Grade Devices

October 31, 2019 Alix Paultre


Infineon Technologies broadened its CoolGaN Series with the CoolGaN 400 V device (IGT40R070D1 E8220), tailored for premium audio systems, and CoolGaN 600 V industrial-grade device (IGLD60R190D1) for performance and cost optimization in low- and mid-power applications. 

The normally-off CoolGaN 400 V switch offers low/linear Coss and zero Qrr. Infineon’s CoolGaN implements zero reverse recovery charge in the body diode, and very small, linear input and output capacitances. To further simplify the design, Infineon pairs the CoolGaN 400 V device in an HSOF-8-3 (TO-leadless) package with a class D controller (IRS20957STRPBF) in an evaluation board.

Infineon’s CoolGaN 600 V portfolio has a new 190 mΩ, industrial-grade HEMT, developed with the aim to lower the technology entry barrier. Design-in is supported with a standardized DFN 8x8 packaging and the matching driver ICs from the GaN EiceDRIVER series.

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