Industrial Cellular Routers, Gateways and Remote I/O Modules

September 23, 2019 ICP Deutschland GmbH

ICP Germany expands its product portfolio with 3G/4G cellular routers, LoRaWAN gateways and sensors and LoRa/Mobile Remote I/O from Ursalink. A total of three cellular router series are available, a low-cost entry-level series UR3x, the UR5x series with a comprehensive range of interfaces and a programmable series UR7x. The UR7x series includes an Edge Gateway series UR-75, which offers both programmability and a cloud connection. For LPWAN connections, ICP will offer an Indoor LoRa Gateway Series UG85 and an Outdoor Series UG87. In addition to LoRa sensor nodes and LoRa temperature and humidity sensors, a cloud platform is also available for these gateways to evaluate and display collected data. SMS, LoRa and mobile radio remote IO modules are also available. Analog or digital data can easily be pushed into the cloud with this Remote IO Module. ICP Germany is offering an introductory discount of 20% for the new product series until 31.12.2019.

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