Electro Standards Provides Fiber to Serial Media Converters with DIN Rail Mount to Support Industrial Applications

July 1, 2019 Electro Standards Laboratories
Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston RI, USA, a global leader of advanced Device Networking Hardware, announces Models 4152, 4152-DIN and 4153 to its line of Media Converters to support data transfer between RS485/RS422/RS232 copper to ST fiber optic networks.
Electro Standards provides the solution to the common challenges faced by the Industrial Network Engineer by providing reliable data transfer within serial communication networks in harsh environments.  One common problem of these types of hybrid networks is EMI or Electro Magnetic Interference.  Connecting terminals and equipment located throughout the plant floor, rather than centralized in racks and closets, can cause the data transmission to be subjected to this EMI corruption.  Our Models 4152, 4152-DIN, and 4153 are an example of such a solution. These high speed, ruggedized ST Fiber to Multi-Point RS 485/422/232 Interface Converters are designed to operate from -40°C to +85°C, featuring ESD protection circuitry on all receivers and transmitters for both RS232 and RS485/422 interfaces to provide better data transfer. 
This group of Media Converters provides a reliable data transfer interconnection for industrial networks that consist of a hybrid of RS485/422/232 copper and ST fiber cabling between the devices on the facility floor to the corporate network. These converters are available in 3 form factors; Model 4152 is encased as a desktop unit, Model 4152-DIN for DIN rail mounting, and Model 4153 is available as a board only for embedded applications.
If you have another network hybrid combination such as Fiber to Ethernet, Fiber to USB, or even Glass Fiber to Plastic (POF) Fiber; Electro Standards has Interface Converters designed to support those types of network interconnection as well.  Our Media Converters are currently being used in Casinos, Financial Institutions, Retail Store Fronts, and Offices around the globe. Supporting Video/Lottery Machines, POS, Time Clock, Scales/Weighing, Data Entry Terminals, ATMs, Bar Code Readers and other applications.  
To view more about the Model 4152, 4152-DIN, and 4153 ST Fiber to RS485/422/232 Converters, visit the product webpage at https://www.electrostandards.com/304152-4152-high-speed-fiber-to-multi-point-rs485-422-232-interface-converter-112.html.
To find out more about ESL's entire line of Interface/Media Converters or for a quotation, visit our Interface Converter category page at https://www.electrostandards.com/interface-converters/ or contact our knowledgeable sales team at eslab@electrostandards.com or at 401-943-1164.  
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