vFlash Remote Now Flashing ECUs

April 5, 2019 Katelyn Albani

Stuttgart, DE. Vector is adding the new tool vFlash Remote to complete its Vector Remote Diagnostics solution, which consists of the diagnostic tester Indigo Remote and the Remote D-PDU API. vFlash Remote now gives diagnostic users the option of flashing ECUs from a distance.

vFlash Remote makes it easy to reprogram ECUs remotely. The user operates vFlash Remote as the flash tool and connects to an access point on the vehicle remotely over the internet. There are two remote interface options: via the intelligent VN8810 Diagnostic Device or via a Windows-based PC with an installed vFlash Access Point and network interface.

The product also zeros in on the flashing procedure’s security and reliability. The remote connection between vFlash Remote and the vFlash Access Point is always encrypted, preventing the flash data from being seen or manipulated by third parties. Reprogramming doesn’t begin until the data to be flashed has been fully transferred to the Access Point and has passed a plausibility check. The user gains further transparency access from uninterrupted updates during the flash procedure, qualified status feedback once it’s finished and can elect to receive a report for documentation purposes.

For more information, please visit https://www.vector.com/int/en/.

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