Percepio Offers Online RTOS Training for Embedded Developers

November 7, 2019 Percepio

Västerås, Sweden, 29 October 2019—Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, has announced the availability of Percepio RTOS Training, a set of online courses in embedded and IoT software development. Initially, Percepio RTOS Training includes two courses, RTOS Fundamentals and Advanced RTOS Techniques, featuring embedded consultant Jacob Beningo.

The RTOS Fundamentals course covers basic RTOS concepts such as tasks, memory management, and synchronization, while the Advanced RTOS Techniques course takes on subjects like embedded design patterns, debugging, and developing for security.

"Now that most new designs are on 32-bit MCUs, RTOS usage is on the rise and bare metal designs without an RTOS are decreasing rapidly," said Mike Skrtic, VP Sales and Marketing at Percepio. "Consequently, there are a substantial number of embedded engineers who need to familiarize themselves with basic RTOS concepts. Given this trend, Percepio has elected to team up with Jacob Beningo to bring these two best-in-class RTOS training courses to the embedded community."

The two Percepio RTOS Training courses are available as self-paced downloads and come bundled with a free 90-day education license for Tracealyzer, Percepio's software tracing and visualization tool. The courses are available in the Percepio web store and through the company's worldwide distributor network, at a cost of USD 995 / EUR 895 each.

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