OpenHW Group Established, Launches CORE-V Open-Source IP Cores

June 6, 2019 Brandon Lewis

The OpenHW Group, a not-for-profit open-source processor IP core organization headed by former RISC-V Executive Director Rick O’Connor, has been established. The OpenHW Group currently consists of 13 sponsor organizations, including Alibaba, NXP, Silicon Labs, Thales, Greenwaves, Imperas, Onespin, Bluespec, CMC Microsystems, Embecosm, ETH Zurich (University), Metrics, and Mythic AI. The OpenHW Group is also a member of the RISC-V Foundation and has entered a strategic partnership with the Eclipse Foundation.

The OpenHW Group will drive greater availability of open-source processor IP implementations for hardware and software engineers designing high-volume production SoCs. The organization’s CORE-V family of RISC-V cores, for instance, provide these designers with quality and manufacturability assurances. CORE-V cores and associated processor subsystem IP, tools, and software are available for both silicon and FPGA-optimized implementations.

The emergence of OpenHW Group, along with initiatives like MIPS Open and of course RISC-V show a growing demand for open-source hardware alternatives that mimic longstanding trends in open-source software.

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