OmniVision Expands Nyxel NIR and ULL Sensor Resolution to 4 MP

June 24, 2019 Alix Paultre

OmniVision Technologies released the OS04A10, a 2.9-micron pixel image sensor with 4-megapixel (MP) resolution, adding to the Nyxel family of near-infrared (NIR) and ultra-low light (ULL) sensors. “In addition to requiring top performance in all lighting conditions, security and surveillance camera designers are demanding higher resolution for greater facial recognition accuracy with longer zoom range,” said Brian Fang, business development director at OmniVision. “By combining our industry-leading NIR and ULL technologies with 4 MP resolution, the OS04A10 is designed to meet the evolving needs of security and surveillance systems.”

The OS04A10 has a quantum efficiency of 60 percent at 850nm, and 40 percent at 940nm, which is from 3x to 5x better than legacy solutions, resulting in an estimated 3x reduction in system-level power consumption. The 940nm NIR lighting cannot be detected by human eyes in dark indoor settings, while the 850nm light is ideal for outdoor security cameras. The amount of NIR light that a sensor requires to capture high quality images can be quantified with the NIR SNR1 metric, which takes into account the QE, pixel size and read noise.

With the OS04A10, designers of security cameras that operate in total darkness can reduce IR illumination to consume 2x to 4x less power when compared with legacy sensors. Features include OmniVision’s integrated dual-conversion-gain technology and a 3-frame staggered shutter to minimize motion artifacts and an HDR of 120 dB.

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