Microchip and STAR-Dundee Collaborate on SpaceVPX-Compliant Development Platform

June 12, 2019 Laura Dolan

Microchip Technology Inc. via its Microsemi subsidiary, joined forces with STAR-Dundee on developing an evaluation platform that employs SpaceFibre technology.

The STAR-Dundee 3U SpaceVPX demonstration board accelerates the growth of flexible, high-speed SpaceVPX (VITA-78)-compliant data-networking systems for space applications. The development board’s design uses Microchip’s RTG4 devices to improve functionality while providing systems with an essential level of failure protection in space.

The SpaceVPX-compliant platform features:

  • Better performance than the previous SpaceWire data transmission standard
  • Supports high need for data to be transmitted between boards and systems onboard modern spacecraft
  • Diminishes mass, minimizing cost by operating over electrical or fiberoptic cables
  • Allows virtual planes to carry data, control and management information
  • Prevents configuration disruptions in severe radiation environments through built-in radiation mitigation techniques   

Learn more at www.microchip.com.

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