Digi International Releases Digi EX15

April 18, 2019 Laura Dolan

HOPKINS, MN. Digi International launched its Digi EX15 cellular extender, conducive for primary or backup LTE connectivity at LTE-Advanced Pro (CAT11) speeds and is capable of quick installations and remote management with Digi aView or Digi Remote Manager. 

Features of the Digi EX15 include:

  • It is designed to protect businesses from network disruptions, preventing the risk of lost revenue and bad reviews if their primary broadband connection fails
  • Supports high-bandwidth applications including video streaming and internet-connected security cameras
  • Powered by upgradeable CORE Plug-In LTE modems including dual SIM cards and Carrier Smart Select to automatically switch carriers
  • Can be easily installed to dry wall, drop ceilings, unfinished open ceilings or glass so effectiveness won’t be compromised
  • Has built-in Digi TrustFence security framework and simple device management

“Network uptime is critical to business success and reputation,” said Scott Nelson, vice president of product, Digi International. “With the Digi EX15, we’re helping businesses protect themselves from broadband network outages at LTE-Advanced Pro speeds that can match the speed of the primary broadband connectivity.”

Learn more at www.digi.com.

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