Autotalks and Datang Fulfill Chinese C-V2X Direct Communication Interoperability Testing

July 18, 2019 Laura Dolan

Autotalks and Datang have completed assessing chipset-level interoperability of their corresponding solutions for C-V2X direct communication at the end of June in Beijing to authenticate their solutions and conclude that they function in accordance with 3GPP Rel. 14 standards.

Autotalks’ and Datang’s original testing is what the latest CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) standard draft is considering the world’s first. The testing is groundbreaking and shows the preparedness of the companies’ standalone PC5 solutions and brings them closer to deploying C-V2X in China.

“Achieving this important milestone with Datang, shortly after several successful fields tests with leading Chinese automakers, shows the maturity of our C-V2X technology towards mass deployment,” said Autotalks’ VP Business Development and Marketing in APAC, Ram Shallom. “Autotalks continues to collaborate with the ecosystem in China and globally to promote all aspects of C-V2X technology including validation, interoperability, security, certification and more.”

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