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  • OmniVision Releases Automotive Image Sensor Fusion

    OmniVision Releases Automotive Image Sensor Fusion

    New demonstration showcases OmniVision’s Arm-based dual-mode sensor with simultaneous image captures for both computer vision and human displays.

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  • CUI's IP-rated audio solutions offer IP ratings up to IP68, 4 mm diameters, and 1.5 mm depths.

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  • Heterogenous Multicore - Untangling the Technology and Terminology

    This is attractive to the embedded systems developer, as CPUs may be deployed to the parts of an application for which they are best suited.

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  • Digital Signage Market Demand is Increasing in Most Part of World 2026

    Digital Signage, also known as dynamic signage is an electronically regulated device that displays information or advertisements.

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  • Interactive White Board Market is Growing at Significant Rate, 2026

    The report offers an analysis and classifies the various key drivers of and get into the details of various aspects that impact all the different segments of the global Interactive White Board.

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  • IoT Tech Expo: True value of IoT, 5G, Blockchain, AI, Big Data and Cloud lies in their convergence - and cyber security underpins their pote

    No technology exists in a vacuum, and the true value of emerging technologies lies in their convergence.

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  • Boardcon Launched a Rockchip RK3399 Platform for AI/IoT

    Boardcon Embedded Design announced a new member of its RK3399 series of single board computer.

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  • Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software Now Supports New Linux Kernel 5.2 and Comes with Even Greater Performance

    Proprietary cross-platform file system drivers and utilities deliver unrestricted access to your data.

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  • CodeMeter Licensing Power Facilitating Access to the Future of Mobility Driven by Vector

    Seamless Integration of the CodeMeter Licensing and Protection Systems with SAP Streamlines License and Entitlement Management Processes.

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  • Greenliant ArmourDrive SSDs Reach 250,000+ P/E Cycles with EnduroSLC Technology

    Designed with Greenliant's EnduroSLC Technology, ArmourDrive EX Series solid state storage products are ideal for high reliability applications requiring superior data retention.

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  • New Karbon 700 From Logic Supply Is Built For High-Performance Edge Computing In Any Environment

    Resistant to extreme temperatures, airborne contaminants and shock or vibration forces, Karbon 700 is intended for high-performance IoT edge computing in heavy industrial, in-vehicle, and railway.

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  • element14 Community Launches 'Path II Programmable'

    Xilinx-sponsored series continues the path for community members to enhance their skills with programmable logic devices.

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  • Cloud Communications Group Announces New Partner

    Technology solutions leader, Cloud Communications Group (CCG), welcomes Keith D. Hatley as new partner.

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  • IAR DevCon – Free developer conference for embedded/IoT engineers. Coming to a city near you!

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  • Filament Adopts the First MOBI Vehicle Identity Standard in Blocklet Mobility Platform

    Blocklet Mobility Platform delivers automotive enterprises an industry-wide, standardized, trusted data source for vehicle history and usage-based applications.

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  • The Recipe for Designing in Deeply Embedded AI

    The recipe for an AI design can begin like just any other embedded system—though perhaps the choice of the right MPU/ MCU should consider the availability of an “AI-friendly” ecosystem.

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  • Toradex works with AWS and NXP on a cloud-enabled AI demonstration at Industry of Things World Berlin

    Toradex leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NXP® to demonstrate how to simplify the creation of Industry 4.0-ready industrial automation solutions.

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  • GOWIN Semiconductor Announces their GoAI Solution for AI Acceleration at the Edge

    GOWIN's New AI Edge Computing Solution.

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  • New Com Express Type 6 Module is Compact, Cost-Effective with Accelerated Graphic Processing

    New MEDM-B603 features latest AMD embedded platform for medical imaging or multimedia imaging processing/control.

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  • Logic Supply and Inductive Automation Partner to Launch New Automation Gateways with Ignition

    Compact and resistant to dust, vibration and extreme temperatures, Logic Supply automation gateways come pre-loaded with Ignition, enabling powerful data automation at the edge.

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  • MultiTech Introduces First CBRS Industrial IoT Devices for OnGo Networks

    FCC-Authorized CBRS Ethernet Bridge and Industrial Router Products Now Shipping to support OnGo Initial Commercial Deployments.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • Why You Didn't Get the RTOS Business
    & Other Software Stories

    By Colin Walls
  • AI Hardware Summit 2019: Booth-to-Booth eSilicon 58G DSP-Based SerDes Demonstration Over a Five-Meter Samtec Copper Cable

    eSilicon and Samtec partner to deliver a rare booth-to-booth long-reach SerDes demonstration at AI Hardware Summit 2019.

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