STMicro, maxon Launch 100 W BLDC Motor Control Development Kit

November 25, 2019 Brandon Lewis

STMicroelectronics and maxon have jointly developed a servo control kit with a built-in 100 W BLDC motor and 1024-pulse incremental encoder, the EVALKIT-ROBOT-1. An STSPIN32F0A intelligent three-phase motor controller governs the servo, while ST power transistors provide a complete inverter stage that is ready to connect to the motor.

The maxon EC-I 40 is a 40 mm (diameter) BLDC motor that includes Hall sensors as well as the company’s ENX 16 EASY 1024 pulse incremental controller. The motor is designed for high output torque with low cogging torque, ensuring high precision and even motion across a range of speeds.

The STSPIN32F0A is a SIP solution that embeds an STM32F031C6 MCU, three-phase inverter driver, power management, and current sensing ciruitry in a 7 mm x 7 mm VFQFPN package. The 3-phase BLDC inverter power stage leverages 60 V STL7DN6LF3 N-channel MOSFETs that deliver up to a 6A output to drive the motor.

The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 comes with field-oriented control (FOC) firmware and a MODBUS communications stack.

The kit is available now for $129 from It will be on display at sps 2019 booth 10.1/138 November 26-28.

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