SEGGER announces Flasher ATE high speed gang programming solution

November 7, 2017 ECD Staff

SEGGER has announced the availability of Flasher ATE, a new modular gang programmer. It uses the same Turbo-Mode and Universal Flash loaders as the Flasher PRO and other members of the Flasher family. Flasher ATE supports up to 10 individual parallel programming channels. Each channel has its own programming circuit and memory, allowing it to be used individually, and programs at maximum speed on every channel.

In mass production, the in-system programming process is usually tightly coupled with the testing facilities such as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) or similar devices. Flasher ATE comes with a ready-to-use UART communication channel, hand shake lines, and USB and Ethernet interfaces. Any of these can be used to control its operation. In addition to this, the built-in web and FTP servers allow updates and monitoring from the nearby production control office. Support for programming of unique serial numbers and patch data is also included.

Flasher ATE can program any on or off chip memory. All that is required is a flash loader, which is already available for most popular devices and can be created for all others.

For more information on the mass production programming Flasher ATE, visit

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