People & Products Podcast: Aceinna’s Khagendra Thapa on Advanced Current Sensors

May 1, 2019 Alix Paultre

When it comes to things like embedded computing systems and advanced solutions and circuits, people tend to overlook basics in the system, even though some of those basics can actually be force multipliers for their logic systems. One important factor in high-performance computing is how you actually manage the power to it, and whether you're optimizing the performance of the device or the different types of processors.

That's where Aceinna's current sensors comes into play, to measure and protect, and also for optimization of system performance. In this episode we talk to Aceinna's Khagendra Thapa about how to optimize processor efficiency by looking at the current consumed by the system.  The company’s AMR technology is a single chip solution with a lower offset, lower noise, better accuracy and overall bandwidth, and a lower phase shift.


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