OmniVision Releases Compact Global Shutter Camera Module

May 24, 2019 Laura Dolan

SANTA CLARA, CA. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. launched its OVM7251 CameraCubeChip module, a 640x480 VGA resolution camera module that is available in an 850nm version for AR/VR eye tracking, and a 940nm version for machine vision and 3D sensing in mobile facial authentication.

OmniVision’s CameraCubeChip modules implement image sensors, processor and lenses in a miniature wafer-level, reflowable chip-scale package, diminishing the time it takes for design. The OVM7251 will be exhibited at OmniVision’s private suite at the Hanse United Spaces at Computex, May 28-30 in Taipei.

“Until now, most camera modules for these applications have been built with rolling shutters, which have latency issues. Meanwhile, global shutter modules have previously been too large and expensive,” said OmniVision’s marketing director, Aaron Chiang. “Our new OVM7251 overcomes these challenges by providing a cost-effective VGA module with global shutter performance in a wafer-level, reflowable form factor.”

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