High-Performance Reflow Soldering with Neoden IN6

September 6, 2019 NeodenUSA

The Neoden IN6 reflow oven was carefully designed with proper heating elements and next-generation sensors that ensure consistent and even heating throughout the entire length of the process chamber.

There's also a built-in filtration system for the solder smoke which nips the issue of air contamination right in the bud. The IN6 requires no external ventilation system whatsoever; all safety features are included in the unit. That gives the IN6 much more flexibility in where it can be placed & used in a manufacturing setting since there's no need to worry about adequate ventilation.

Neoden IN6 is affordable having a price point of $2999. The IN6 also has a responsive touch-screen control unit capable of meticulous programming options. Not only is its manufacturing profile customization, but the machine can also have up to 16 different profiles saved at any given time which considerably cuts down on the time required to change over to a different profile. Errors that can be made during reprogramming are also effectively eliminated once the profiles have been set properly.

The 6 heating zones located on the top and bottom of the reflow oven, ensure stable and uniform heating for all the PCB components.

The temperature can be easily viewed through the display located on the side of the oven. The temperature can be stabilized within + 0.2ºC

The full hot-air convection system offers a complete soldering performance, no matter the project. The conveyor speed range from 15 to 60cm / minute.

For more information about products, visit www.neodenusa.com.

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