Facelift for Panel PCs in harsh environments

August 27, 2018 ICP Deutschland GmbH
Panel PC and display series with new functions
Panel PC and display series with new functions

The capacitive touch screens of the popular PPC-F and DM-F series from ICP Deutschland receive a facelift in two aspects with the upcoming revision change. Firstly, by replacing the microcontroller, the number of touch points on the multi-touch screen has increased from two to ten. On the other hand, an anti-UV design is implemented. The higher number of touch points ensures an increased accuracy and response time, especially in comparison to single touch screens. The anti-UV design is implemented by means of optical bonding (optical clear adhesive layer) as a film adhesive, so that the touch unit is air tightly bonded to the frame. This provides protection from direct sunlight and long-lasting ultra-violet light, especially for industrial applications in harsh environments. Possible impacts such as cracks, bubbles, yellowing or reflections of the touch screen can thus be successfully counteracted and at the same time the contrast can be significantly improved. The semi-industrial AFL3 series and the IP69K protected INOX-F15 are also equipped with this anti-UV design as standard.

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