EKF releases non-volatile SRAM for PCI Express

August 24, 2018 Laura Dolan

EKF has announced its M01-NVSRAM, a non-volatile static RAM, organized as 1024k x 32bit, for PCI Express direct access (memory-mapped read/write to a linear address space, aka MMIO).

Other than a normal SSD, the M01-NVSRAM is not a block device, and does not require a file system or drivers for data storage.

The M01-NVSRAM supports memory-mapped I/O in a BYTE, WORD and DWORD mode instead. The M01-NVSRAM is housed on a 2280 size M.2 module, suitable for any PCI Express based M.2 host connector (M-key). The data transfer is controlled by an FPGA.

Automatic store is initiated on power-down. Data retention is guaranteed over 20 years, and no battery is needed for backup. The M01-NVSRAM is suitable in cases for industrial applications with a need for a reliable power fail safe data buffer.

For more information, visit: https://www.ekf.de/m2/m01/m01.html



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