B&K Precision extends programmable AC power sources up to 3000 VA

August 2, 2017 Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

With the goal of testing electronic devices during the design, service, and manufacturing phases, the 9830 Series of programmable, single-phase AC power sources can deliver up to 3000 VA, with an operating frequency of 1200 Hz. Developed by B&K Precision, a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, the instrument gives designers a versatile test platform for developing products requiring a wider range of power.

The series includes the 9832 with AC power of 2000 VA, and the 3000-VA 9833. Typical applications include R&D laboratories, service centers, and manufacturing facilities. Both instruments deliver accurate sine output with low total harmonic distortion (THD) when operating in AC output mode. Their built-in output options include sine, square, clip-sine, harmonic distortion, and user-defined waveforms.



The power sources can simulate power-line disturbances and worldwide power requirements. In addition, their 12 on-screen measurements (on a 4.3-in. color LCD) provide detailed information about the device under test. The AC+DC mode can provide DC bias voltage and is useful for power-line disturbance testing. Both instruments support remote-interface standards common in system designs, including LAN, GPIB, USB, and RS232.


Available immediately, the 9832 and 9833 AC power sources sell for $6450 and $7650, respectively.

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