Reinvent system integration without looking like an amateur

January 25, 2018 Anupam Bakshi, Agnisys

The very first step in reinventing a system integration is to enhance and effectively utilize the benefits of automating business processes using electronic design automation/computer-aided engineering. System integration is a great solution for companies working on multiple independent subsystems and wasting time due to the necessity of re-entering data to each of the tools manually.

With rapid automation coming our way and minimal human interference in designing a system, a specification-driven development process can help design teams deliver system-level solutions to meet the needs of cutting edge smarter vision systems and propagate the benefits within the system, thereby protecting valuable IP and/or data, as well as meet critical safety needs and solve time to market issues.

Use automated tools like a UVM register generator (we like IDesignSpec) to:

  • Automatically verify all addressable registers in the design to ensure generated register code is correct
  • Create synthesizable code for registers for design teams and keep them synchronized with requirements
  • Improve accuracy of device driver, firmware, and application software development to eliminate errors in communication of interfaces between functional teams
  • Automatically create product documentation for customers and technical publications

System integration process is highly challenging. It is best to have the integration performed by a group of specialists. However, using one system instead of a few transforms the way you work and enables your company to grow.

Reinvent your system integration with a specification-centric and specification-driven development process. The SoC/IP design teams need to constantly spend time investigating new tools and methodologies, because who knows how many businesses have failed for lack of paying attention to emerging technology. As your company evolves, the system evolves along with it. Hence an efficient and effective system integration can help boost your company’s ROI in this highly competitive market.

Anupam Bakshi is the founder and CEO at Agnisys. He has more than two decades of experience implementing a wide range of products and services in the High-Tech industry. Prior to forming Agnisys, he held various management and technical lead roles at companies such as Avid Technology Inc., PictureTel Corporation, Blackstone Consulting Group, Cadence Design Systems and Gateway Design Automation. Anupam has earned a High-tech MBA from Northeastern University, Massachusetts, a Master’s in Computer Engineering also from Northeastern University and a Masters in Science (Electronics) from Delhi University.

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