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  • Maximize the Performance of Your Sigma-Delta ADC Driver

    Maximize the Performance of Your Sigma-Delta ADC Driver

    The design of the amplifier stage consists of two different stages related between them, so the problem becomes difficult to model mathematically, especially due to the nonlinearity.

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  • Yocto is Your Friend

    Yocto is Your Friend

    Yocto is an open-source Linux project. Using it in your design can make the design process simpler and quicker.

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  • Automated Board Testing

    Automated Board Testing

    Today, automated testing is a key part of hardware design based on a modular approach.

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  • How Google Search (Probably) Uses Machine Learning

    How Google Search (Probably) Uses Machine Learning

    The most important changes to Google have been the updates to crawling, indexing and ranking, which is how the site delivers high-quality search results when web users type in queries.

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  • What Are You Going to Build?

    What Are You Going to Build?

    The pace of learning hasn’t slowed since. It’s no longer just software that’s drag-and-drop. Today you can design boards using tools like Geppetto.

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  • Obtaining Hands-Off, Long-Life Power: No Easy Options

    Obtaining Hands-Off, Long-Life Power: No Easy Options

    The design assignment is clear: build a small datalogger which will be inaccessible once in place, yet must operate for a minimum of 20 years.

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  • Wide Spectrum GeSi Technology Overcomes Major Hurdles in 3D Sensing

    The main technological approaches to 3D sensing are based on emitting light pulses or structured patterns of light toward targets, subsequently measuring the light they reflect.

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  • How to Develop High-Performance Deep Neural Network Object Detection/Recognition Applications for FPGA-based Edge Devices

    This article explains how DNNs work and why FPGAs are becoming popular for inference tasks. It proceeds to showcase how DNN workloads can be executed on a development platform using a real world demo.

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  • How AI & ML Are Being Used to Relieve Traffic Congestion

    Bostonians spent an average of 164 hours sitting in their vehicles going nowhere slowly in 2018, losing $2,291 in personal value for the privilege. In response, planners are now leveraging AI and ML.

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  • Making Sense of Sounds: How AI Can Boost Your Machine Uptime

    Making Sense of Sounds: How AI Can Boost Your Machine Uptime

    A machine health monitoring system enables "computer hearing," which allows a computer to make sense of leading indicators of a machine’s behavior: sound and vibration.

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  • Low-Battery Self-Discharge: The Key to Long-Life Remote Wireless Sensors

    While various energy-saving techniques can help extend battery life, low annual self-discharge rate is the most critical for remote wireless devices.

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  • Personal Network Attached Storage Options

    Personal Network Attached Storage Options

    If buying a ready-made solution sounds interesting, PC Mag has a list of Best NAS Devices for 2019 that could be a good place to start. But who wouldn't want to build their own NAS?

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  • Choose the Right Accelerometer for Predictive Maintenance

    An alternative to the traditional configuration of alarm thresholds in predictive maintenance is to introduce artificial intelligence into the failure identification process.

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  • Accelerating Virtualized Environments with Virtualized Hardware Functions

    The movement towards software transportability created a need for designers to move quickly into systems with different performance and price points. It also meant they had to design for all of these.

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  • The Market for IP Cores

    Inserting an IP core into your SoC can save valuable time and resources. Such designs are growing in popularity and that trend will continue.

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  • Add Voice Recognition to Your TV Remote

    Voice control is popular in consumer electronics. Adding it with a "wake word" is not possible, and without draining your battery too quickly.

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  • Redundancy in the Internet of Things

    When access to the cloud is impaired, access to this storage and off-site intelligence is interrupted. The impact on an IoT system depends on its reliance upon these cloud resources.

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  • Employ PoE to Power Your Embedded Systems

    Many embedded applications can be expanded using Power-over-Ethernet PoE, a simple, logical solution for networked devices.

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  • When to use Machine Learning or Deep Learning?

    In both machine learning and deep learning, engineers use software tools to enable computers to identify trends and characteristics in data by learning from an example data set.

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  • Machines Watching Machines: The Value of AI-based Predictive Maintenance in Reducing Manufacturing Downtime

    Manufacturers have always worked to minimize equipment failures resulting in unplanned downtime and have developed multiple techniques and processes along the way to mitigate the impact.

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