Any video, anywhere: HD for the masses

March 1, 2008 OpenSystems Media

The problem: Multiple video formats, resolution, power conservation, and many other challenges make it very difficult to design multimedia wireless ICs. An engineer designing a multimedia mobile device can quickly become overwhelmed with all the options.

The solution: Multiformat decoders enable mobile devices to handle a wide array of video from multiple sources. While developing such decoders can be daunting, commercially available Intellectual Property (IP) can help shorten design time and reduce risk.

Any video, anywhere: HD for the masses

We have moved into an age where video is everywhere: Web 2.0, VoIP, mobile video, and embedded devices. Digital cameras allow us to capture still and motion video and then upload it to enable immediate distribution around the globe. New multimedia devices are emerging, giving rise to new distribution methods that let viewers access all this new video.

Given the constantly proliferating volume of available video, wouldnít it be great if a single device could handle all the necessary formats? Using multiformat decoder hardware and software, mobile device manufacturers can deliver the playback performance needed to make video on mobile devices as compelling as it is on the desktop.

On2 Technologies provides the latest in multiformat video encoding/decoding IP and software. On2ís codecs deliver Internet-based video content through applications and services provided by companies such as Adobe, Apple, Skype, XM Satellite Radio, and others. With wireless Internet access becoming faster and more affordable than ever before, mobile consumers now have unfettered access to this content. The companyís proprietary (VP6, VP7) and standards-based (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, VC-1) codecs dominate, with more than 1 billion deployments on the Internet and upwards of 200 million in mobile devices. On2 is also proven in silicon, with more than 25 leading semiconductor manufacturers globally.

In the future, new technology will continue to improve video quality, and as it evolves, will produce new formats, making the design challenges even greater. As consumers increasingly expect the full HD experience, companies like On2 are poised to provide the technologies for unique mobile video experiences.

Quick facts

On2 Technologies, Inc.
Founded: 1992
Management: Bill Joll, president and CEO
Headquarters: Tarrytown, NY
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