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November 1, 2014 OpenSystems Media

Work projects can be interesting and solving their challenges rewarding, but wouldn't you sometimes rather be doing things like escaping Skynet, helping Batman defeat the Joker, or restoring Mjollnir's power with Thor?

"We turn complex problems into games," says Frédéric Desmoulins, CEO and Co-founder of CodinGame. "Developers can have fun and at the same time need to be very creative to find the best solutions and show their problem solving skills as well as their algorithmic knowledge to solve our games."

Coding challenge platform CodinGame allows developers to test their skills in 20 programming languages in pop-culture-inspired coding puzzles and contests. Players write, compile, and test code to complete game objectives and score points. A community of fellow developers/players can help with game and programming questions as well.

Figure 1: Developers can solve challenges at varying levels of difficulty.

CodinGame ups the ante from other platforms like CodeCombat and HackerRank with highly graphical games.

Games are single player and turn-based multiplayer – for example, compete with up to four players to control map zones with UAVs in "Game of Drones" – and range in difficulty from easy to very hard. CodinGame throws contests once a month to see who can solve challenges the quickest and fullest in their language of expertise, with prizes and getting noticed by sponsoring companies scouting for talent as their rewards.

Figure 2: CodeinGame has monthly sponsored contests for developers to show off their skills.

Embedded software developers can practice their C and C++ skills, or get a feel for new and different languages they've heard about, while also playing interactive games.

CodinGame @CodinGame

Monique DeVoe (Managing Editor)
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