FTDI Chip's EVE devices offers faster uploads with bigger displays

March 3, 2015 OpenSystems Media

FTDI Chip‘s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) portfolio for advanced human machine interface (HMI) implementation has gained traction in the embedded design community. To that end, the company has introduced four new ICs, the FT81xQ series. These devices support higher maximum screen resolutions, up to 800 by 600 pixels, which allows the use of displays larger than 7″. Hence, it opens up new applications, such as point-of-sales terminals and information kiosks.

The FT810Q has 18-bit RGB interfacing and resistive touch functionality, while the FT811Q has 18-bit RGB interfacing and is designed for capacitive touchscreen implementation (including five-point touch detection). These are complemented by the FT812Q and FT813Q for use, respectively with resistive and capacitive touchscreens, but each with 24-bit RGB.

As a direct result of algorithm enhancements, the devices in the FT81xQ series have much smoother video playback. Furthermore, screen rotation through 90 degrees is easier to achieve, a benefit for handheld designs. The memory capacity has been increased from to 1 MB and a quad SPI interface accelerates data transfer rates. Multiple palettes are supported, covering 16-bit and 32-bit colors with transparency.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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