Embedded World Preview: Low power, quick design DIMM system on module

February 12, 2015 OpenSystems Media

emtrion GmbH are premiering their fast track to market DIMM system-on-module (SOM), the DIMM-RZ-A1H, employing the Renesas RZ/A1H based on the 384 MHz ARM Cortex-A9.

The SOM offers a wide range of on board functionality, including quad analog/digital convertors, CAN, and integrated touchscreen support, alongside 10 Mb RAM and 16 Mb NOR flash respectively, all at a remarkable 1.32 W total power consumption.

It’s all packaged within a quick start development kit and documentation ensuring a fast and pain-free programming process. Given the generic programming support, many are tempted to dive straight into board-level ARM design, but when packages exist like this, why would you?

Look for daily updates about what you can expect to see at Embedded World as we get closer to the show on February 24-26.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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