Embedded World 2016: The 'connected framework' driving IoT innovation

February 9, 2016 OpenSystems Media

Analogous to the challenges of integrating often inherently disparate systems to form a functional IoT end-to-end solution, similar challenges exist in the software itself.
At Embedded World 2016, Anaren reveals the framework that enables RF-savvy engineers who don’t know how to write a phone app and web developers who don’t know how to enable sensors in an embedded design to both successfully launch complete systems without having to learn each other’s specialties.
For companies eager to enter the IoT space, such a connectivity framework should come as a huge enabler. Application development is key in successful embedded systems because it’s here that most of the user experience resides. Many developers are faced with stitching mobile apps together to work with embedded hardware when life could be so much easier.
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/anaren
YouTube: opsy.st/AnarenYouTube

Uwe Trode, Anaren
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