Choose the right processor for your IoT application

December 12, 2016 OpenSystems Media

If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect processor for your Internet of Things (IoT) solution, you may be feeling a little dizzy from weighing the endless options available in terms of price, performance, power consumption, and a host of other features. Avoid analysis paralysis and get some expert guidance. Join us on December 13 at 11 am ET for a one-hour course entitled, “Determine Which Processor is Right for your IoT Application.” The class will be the first in the latest Embedded University three-class series, Processing 101 with the Intel Atom.

This class, led by Charles J. Lord, PE, President and Chief Trainer at Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, will cover different design requirements and where the Intel Atom processor fits. He will then discuss feature sets that are best for specific IoT applications, addressing performance, security, media processing, image processing, time coordinated computing, and more.

Register here.


Jamie Leland, Content Assistant
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