OmniVision Releases OV2312 Dual-Mode Automotive Image Sensor

May 8, 2019 Laura Dolan

SANTA CLARA, CA. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. launched its OV2312 automotive image sensor, which enables multiple functions in one camera to reduce costs, footprint, and power consumption and make new embedded driver monitoring applications possible.  

The OV2312 supports dual-mode cameras and motion-artifact-free images at 1600x1300 at 60 fps and 1280x720 at 90 fps resolutions. This performance is backed by a In addition to a highly-rated modulation transfer function (MTF).

As the smallest 2MP GS sensor in its group (7.2 x 6.1mm), the devices be positioned as-needed without obstructing drivers’ and passengers’ field of view while providing an array size of 1600x1300 pixels for reliable monitoring. The sensor is based on the 3.0-micron OmniPixel 3-GS architecture, offering near-infrared quantum efficiency of 14 percent in the 940nm wavelength while consuming only 190 mW of power under typical conditions. 

“The global automotive image sensor market is poised to experience accelerated growth due to the increased demand for driver state monitoring,” said OmniVision’s product marketing manager, Thilo Rausch. “At the same time, automotive designers are looking for cost-effective ways to address consumer demand for applications like video conferencing in the mainstream car segment. By providing a dual-mode sensor that fuses human and machine vision capabilities, we are enabling designers to address both trends with a single camera.”

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