Eurotech Announces Two Rugged, High-performance Ethernet Switches for HPEC Applications: the DynaNET 10G-01 and the DynaNET 100G-01

July 3, 2019 Eurotech

AMARO (Udine, Italy), July 03, 2019  Eurotech, a long-time leading provider of embedded computing systems and leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, expands its portfolio of HPEC systems with the DynaNET 10G-01 and the DynaNET 100G-01, two rugged and liquid-cooled Layer 3 Ethernet switches designed for unprecedented networking performance in Automotive and other embedded applications.

The DynaNET 10G-01 features 52 GbE ports for a total 176Gb/s switching capacity: the ports can be stacked to further increase the port count, or can be connected to a 40Gb/s backbone. The DynaNET 10G-01 represents the ideal solution for applications where a large number of devices and sensors such as LIDARs, RADARs and high definition cameras – typically found in autonomous vehicles - need to be reliably connected.

The DynaNET 100G-01 is an ideal fit for applications where extreme networking performance, reliability and compactness are required, such as Autonomous Driving, Artificial Vision and HPEC. It features a total throughput of 3.2Tbs, a processing capacity of 2.38Bpps and 300ns port-to-port latency, delivering significant benefits in terms of data traffic predictability at very low latency. It provides a 16x 40/56/100GbE ports backbone infrastructure that can be split up to 32x 50GbE or 64x10/25GbE to increase the port count.

Both the DynaNET 10G-01 and the DynaNET 100G-01 feature Layer 3 switching, allowing great control over traffic and a more deterministic management of services and data streams. This will benefit all those applications where it is necessary to avoid data starvation and preserve the deterministic behavior of the network.  

The systems are liquid cooled to enhance performances in embedded environments and can be easily integrable with other Eurotech HPEC systems. Moreover, Field-proven quick disconnects provide a fast and safe interface to the vehicle cooling system and speed up deployment and maintenance procedures.

“Eurotech is excited to announce the DynaNET 10G-01 and the DynaNET 100G-01, setting a new milestone in the development of high performance networking systems” states Pierfrancesco Zuccato, Senior Product Manager at Eurotech. “The Automotive certifications – such as ECE R10, ISO 50498 and “Shock & Vibration” – and the integrability with the vehicle cooling system make these products ideal for Autonomous Driving and other HPEC applications”.

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