Imperas releases RISC-V Processor Developer Suite

November 29, 2017 ECD Staff

Oxford, UK. Imperas Software Ltd. has released a Developer Suite for the RISC-V architecture, including models and tools for validating and verifying the functionality of a RISC-V processor. The RISC-V Processor Developer Suite also enables estimation of a processor’s timing and power consumption.

Specifically, the RISC-V Processor Developer Suite includes:

  • Reference models for design verification
  • Fast processor models, an instruction set simulator (ISS), and extensible virtual platforms
  • Processor model instruction code coverage and profiling
  • A standard software toolchain including compiler, linker, debugger, and Eclipse integration
  • Timing performance and power estimation tools
  • Multiple test suites for measuring processor quality
  • Infrastructure for evaluating RISC-V conformance

All RISC-V features are implemented in supported models, and extendable with user-defined instructions, registers, and accelerators. Imperas currently supports RV64/32 IMAFDC (GC) models, Andes V5 RISC-V based cores, and Extendable Platform Kits (EPKs) of Microsemi RISC-V-based devices running FreeRTOS (available on the Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) website).

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