• Laird’s New Module Adds BL651 to Growing Nordic Family of BLE 5 Solutions

    New BL651 module series is a cost-effective solution for simple BLE applications that speeds integration and enhances time to market.

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  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES Expands RFwave Partner Program to Speed Time-to-Market for Wireless Connectivity, Radar and 5G

    Increased support affirms RFwave(tm) Program's vital role in RF design and faster deployment for applications in a new era of wireless devices and networks

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  • For the Professional Maker: IkaScope Ultra-Portable WiFi Oscilloscope

    Earlier this year, Ikalogic sent me one of their IkaScope handheld WiFi oscilloscopes to try out. For this mini review, I’ll list the device’s characteristics first, and give my thoughts after.

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  • KDPOF Elevates Wi-Fi Mesh Beyond 100 Mbps

    KDPOF Elevates Wi-Fi Mesh Beyond 100 Mbps

    Broadband World Forum: Robust In-Wall POF Backbone Raises Wi-Fi Performance to the Next Level

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  • For the Professional Maker: World Maker Faire New York 2018

    This September I had the pleasure of attending the World Maker Faire in New York, where a wide variety of people, robots, and equipment come together to show off what they do and have made.

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  • Danalock & Silicon Labs Case Study - Embedded Computing

    To develop the most secure door lock possible, Danalock turned to Z-Wave’s newest security protocol — S2 — to achieve that goal.

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  • The Power of Two: Design Code Separately and Integrate It Seamlessly with Dual-Core dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

    Microchip has recently added a new series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) with two dsPIC DSC cores in a single chip to their portfolio of 16-bit devices.

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  • Putting VPX and Open VPX to Work

    Putting VPX and Open VPX to Work

    OpenVPX presents a formal, well-organized system for defining all components in VPX systems. Many of the figures and the profiles in this handbook were derived from the full OpenVPX specification.

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  • What is Blockchain Computing?

    Yotta Laboratories is just one of many institutions beginning to adopt blockchain in their available services - but is this for you?

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  • Equus Compute Solutions Introduces the WHITEBOX OPEN R1560 Server

    Equus Compute Solutions Introduces the WHITEBOX OPEN R1560 Server

    Open-hardware solutions provide freedom of choice

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  • Things you Might Not Know about the IoT Security Life Cycle

    Problems revolve around protecting IoT devices and scaling the security across millions and billions of devices encompasses far more than encryption and device security.

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  • Low-latency, distributed database architectures are critical for emerging fog applications

    There’s increasingly large and fast data coming from a very broad spectrum of IoT devices, coupled with critical latency requirements.

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  • 8 sensor protocols for your next IoT project

    This blog illustrates 8 IoT communication protocols that have been widely deployed in numerous existing and emerging IoT applications.

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  • Antenova ultra-small GNSS antenna modules integrate active LNA, SAW filter

    Antenova ultra-small GNSS antenna modules integrate active LNA, SAW filter

    On-board LNA and SAW filters serve to boost signal to the GNSS processor when line-of-sight to the horizon or sky is restricted.

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  • AIVION announces next generation HDMI Interface Board with up to 1080p60 resolution and optimized form factor for the Tamron block camera MP

    • The TL8652 supports HDMI 1.4 output and offers now a maximum resolution of 1080p with an image frequency of 60 Hz. • The TL8652 video interface board can be mounted directly to the side of the...

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  • Yocto Project Welcomes Arm and Facebook to Advance Open Source Embedded Systems

    Arm and Facebook demonstrate support for open source embedded technologies.

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  • Including Mathematical Models in Emulation

    When we talk about emulation, we usually talk about digital logic that is expressed in RTL form and then populates the gates in the emulator.

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  • Emulation for Automotive Functional Safety

    As designers, we all want our designs to work correctly. We have pride of ownership. So we verify like crazy to make sure we did a good job.

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  • Advanced Process Nodes Make Emulation Essential

    The semiconductor industry embodies a relentless march from today’s processes, which have small features, to future process nodes, which will involve features sizes that might seem crazy today.

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  • Why Advanced Packaging Means More Emulation

    When we think of emulation as part of our verification plan, most of us are likely to think in terms of a full chip being exercised through a wide range of scenarios, including running software on the

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