• Ethernet TSN Accelerates Industry’s Digital Transformation

    Ethernet TSN Accelerates Industry’s Digital Transformation

    Ethernet Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) has emerged as a solution for bridging enterprise and operational networks, from the data center to the control layer.

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  • NXP Showcasing Neutral Networking, AI, and Autonomous Driving Products at Embedded World 2019

    NXP Semiconductors will showcase various technologies for a collection of AI-related applications at embedded world 2019.

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  • SmartDV Unveils SimXL Portfolio of Synthesizable Transactors for Hardware Emulation, FPGA Prototyping Platforms

    Reusable Plug-and-Play Solution Enables Verification Engineers to Build System-Level SoC Test Environment

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  • eSilicon builds momentum as a strong tier one FinFET ASIC supplier

    Best-in-class IP and multiple FinFET/2.5D product bring-up programs set a rapid pace

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  • Industry 4.0: Making the Most of Legacy Infrastructure Without Compromise

    Industry 4.0, with the IIoT at its heart, is set to become the biggest disruptor in manufacturing since the industrial revolution.

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  • Excelfore’s New Time Aware Shaper to Ethernet TSN Meets Demands for In-Vehicle Networks

    Excelfore, releases a working Time Aware Shaper (TAS) for Ethernet TSN networks, helping to meet the demands of in-vehicle infotainment, control and safety systems.

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  • ETC: Embedded System Design Starts Here

    Why should you be interested in the Embedded Technologies Conference? It goes to the heart of embedded computing.

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  • MultiTech Releases Lens for LoRaWAN Enterprise Networks

    MultiTech Releases Lens for LoRaWAN Enterprise Networks

    Enables resource-efficient deployment and management of local LoRaWAN networks at scale.

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  • 5G New Radio: Introduction to the Physical Layer

    5G New Radio: Introduction to the Physical Layer

    This paper presents an introductory tutorial to the 5G physical layer and its implementation to support the key 5G target applications of eMBB and URLLC.

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  • Renesas Releases RX24T and RX24U Microcontroller Lineup for High-Temperature-Tolerant Motor Control Applications

    New 32-Bit MCUs support circuit boards in high-temperature locations and compact circuit board design in space-constrained home appliances and industrial machinery.

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  • Wind River Upgrades Chassis Portfolio for Autonomous Cars

    Integration of Titanium Cloud into Wind River Chassis Portfolio upgrades solution for autonomous drive development.

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  • LoRaWAN Live Day Technical Program Released

    The LoRa Alliance has released the program for its LoRaWAN Live event taking place at the Kimpton Solamar hotel in San Diego, CA on Wednesday, February 6th.

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  • OpenFog Now Part of Industrial Internet Consortium

    The combined organization is now the largest entity guiding Industrial IoT, AI, fog, and edge computing development.

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  • Semtech to Appear at MWC 2019 and embedded world Exhibiting LoRa and IoT Technology

    Semtech driving LoRaWAN-based ecosystem growth with support for approximately 80 million of LoRa-enabled end nodes and hundreds of thousands of LoRa-based gateways by early 2019.

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  • Five Minutes With…Donna Moore, CEO/Chair, LoRa Alliance

    Five Minutes With…Donna Moore, CEO/Chair, LoRa Alliance

    Low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) are a necessary component in many IoT or industrial IoT applications. You already know there are many options when it comes to your LPWAN of choice. Today,...

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  • Why the U.S. is Falling Behind in AI and Autonomous Drive Tech, Part 2

    Why the U.S. is Falling Behind in AI and Autonomous Drive Tech, Part 2

    In 2016 NHTSA proposed a DSRC mandate for all new light vehicles. A 2017 AP report said the initiative was killed by the Trump administration. NHTSA walked that claim back the same day. My head hurts.

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  • Changes Afoot in IIoT Storage

    Changes are coming to Industrial IoT storage, giving way to full, integrated solutions dedicated not just to storing but also computing, controlling, connecting, and protecting critical information.

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  • 2U Network Computing Appliance with Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

    IBASE has launched its highly-flexible FWA9500 network computing appliance supporting Intel(r) Skylake-SP Xeon(r) processors for today's ever-changing network environments.

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  • Exploring Embedded Machine Learning

    Machine learning belongs at the edge and Qeexo is developing solutions to do just that.

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  • 5G For Industrial: Maybe Next Decade

    5G For Industrial: Maybe Next Decade

    A funny thing happened on the way to the 5G rollout. Some claims were made early on that are turning out to be not true. In fact, they’re so far from reality that you can’t see them in any crystal...

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