Advances in engineering, an infographic

November 17, 2014 OpenSystems Media

It’s amazing what science and engineering have accomplished in the last couple decades. Electric vehicles are making a strong showing, and self-driving cars are being tested out on the roads. There are still quirks, but we’re constantly improving and innovating to solve battery challenges and other engineering roadblocks. Medical technology improves all the time – powerful medical instruments are able to be small enough to go out in the field and in patients’ homes to provide monitoring and care outside of doctors’ offices and hospitals. 3D printers are making so many more things possible in manufacturing and DIY as they become more sophisticated and more affordable. And those are just a few of so many areas where huge advances are being made.

Ohio State University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology put together an infographic highlighting many of the great engineering achievements – from small things like nanoscale devices to big ideas like quantum computing. Let’s hope for another revolutionary decade to come!

Ohio University Online

Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
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