Embedded World 2016: Engineers staying competitive with productive design environment

February 19, 2016 OpenSystems Media

The increasing complexity of today’s electronic designs requires the most productive design environment for engineers to remain competitive. With the new Altium Designer 16, presented at Embedded World 2016 in Hall 4, Stand 260, engineers will be able to develop advanced and innovative PCB designs even faster and error-free. New productivity-enhancing features to be demonstrated at Embedded World 2016 include an alternative part choice system allowing designers to fully control their component selection process with backup part choices for manufacturing. Visual clearance boundaries enable designers to understand the impact of their routing decisions in real-time, while the new component placement system allows them to create the most organized and efficient board layouts with new component placement options.

Robert Huxel is technical marketing manager at Altium Europe GmbH.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/altium
YouTube: youtube.com/user/AltiumOfficial

Robert Huxel, Altium
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