The Features of Storage Products in Embedded and Industrial Applications

February 11, 2019 Gibson Ming-Dar Chen Ph. D., UD info

Embedded or industrial storage devices are highly customized products, and that’s because they need to fulfill a variety of industries, platforms and specifications.

The decision would be evaluated from the following aspects:

  1. Performance

Different customers have different performance requirements. For example, for server application, the customer concern on rapid sequential reading and writing, and some strengthen 4K random reading and writing, which satisfies the performance as a system disc. The industrial control production equipment is more associated with the stability of reading and writing, avoids abnormalities in the production process, and is different from the consumer level.

  1. Environment

The equipment will not only be set up indoors, it will probably be established in the mountains, ocean, or hermetic space. There is a need for a wide temperature range, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, etc.

  1. Interface & Form factor

Based on customer specification to design a different interface with form factor, it can be as PCIe, SATA, USB or SD card interface with 2.5” SSD, mSATA, M.2.

  1. Firmware

Each industry needs to use different firmware, such as data partition security, power-loss protection, write protect/read only, etc.

  1. Software or application program

A SMART tool to monitor the condition of devices.

Embedded or industrial storage devices are not unlike commercial products. They are not only difficult to be replaced but also, they would require a lifetime of usage. Based on the above features, it is important for industrial/embedded storage manufacturers to build a team with technology, design and services to support the customization requirement.

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