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Think Local: How to Migrate Intelligence from the Cloud to Embedded Devices at the Edge

September 3, 2019

For the rapidly expanding Internet of Things, “Think Local, Act Global” is a guiding principle. Traditionally, decision making has been concentrated in the cloud, at the center, moving all the data and intelligence inwards. This places huge strain on the technical and commercial model of the network. In the future, we need to deliberately shift much of the “thinking” to the edge of the network, leaving the central systems to make longer-term strategic decisions based on aggregation of data trends and patterns.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How Arm and its partners are enabling a step-change increase in edge compute capability, whether that’s tiny microcontrollers or multicore gateways

  • How Arm provides a unique combination of compute scalability, power efficiency, determinism, and interface options

  • How Arm is making it possible to do the tactical action-taking quickly and autonomously, away from the center, relieving pressure on bandwidth, increasing security, reducing latency and improving reliability

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Increasing Importance of Arm-Based Platforms

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