The Linaro Community Projects Division Takes on OpenAMP Project

September 23, 2019 Laura Dolan

The Open Asymmetric Multi-Processing (Open AMP) project is joining the Linaro Community Project to regulate interactions between operating environments in a heterogenous embedded system through open source solutions. The founding members of this project are Arm, Kalray, Linaro, Mentor, ST Microelectronics, Wind River and Xilinx.

The project focuses on standardizing how AMP is used and offering a clean-room open source implementation based on those existing of RemoteProc, rpmsg, Virtio and Device tree. The project will address lifecycle operations, messaging, low level abstractions and proxy operations. Resource configuration leveraging System Device Trees is in the development phase yielding faster messaging and standardizing the configuration of AMP systems.

AMP (asymmetric multiprocessor) systems are required to execute different operating environments side-by-side on the same chip due to SoCs becoming more heterogeneous. The OpenAMP project will simplify the creation of these mixed systems by creating standards and open source frameworks. Becoming a Linaro Community Project will allow more formal collaborations to develop much needed standardization.

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