Sealevel COM Express Custom Carrier Board Solutions

March 20, 2012

COM Express, a widely supported implementation of Computer on Module (COM) design, minimizes the difficulty of custom computer board design by combining the processing, memory, video, Ethernet and USB functionality in a small, highly integrated module. The COM Express module brings the processor bus and high-speed I/O out to a connector that installs on purpose-built carrier boards and provides application-specific I/O and external connectors. Sealevel carrier boards are customized to meet all required system functionality in addition to the core features supplied by COM Express modules. Sealevel can include common I/O features such as serial, analog and digital I/O, all of which can be designed to the exact electrical and mechanical requirements for your specific application. When an off-the-shelf product doesn't meet your requirements, turn to Sealevel's custom capabilities for expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, environmental stress screening, project management and compliance & certification. To learn more about our COM Express and custom carrier board solutions, visit

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