OmniVision Image Sensor Captures HDR Video and Offers Ultra-Wide-Angle Performance

October 11, 2019 Alix Paultre

OmniVision Technologies announced the OV12D 1.4-micron 12 MP image sensor, with selective conversion gain (SCG) for the optimum balance between low-light image quality and high dynamic range. Features include a 1/2.4-inch optical format, on-chip 4-cell remosaic color filter, high speed phase-detection autofocus, and extra pixels for 4K2K video electronic image stabilization.

SCG allows the pixel conversion gain to be dynamically switched between low and high, depending on the scene being captured. When capturing images under low light conditions or with dark areas, high conversion gain can help lower noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Likewise, when set to low conversion gain, the sensor has a higher full well capacity, which helps to provide more detail when capturing scenes under bright light. The OV12D is a native 16:9 aspect ratio image sensor that uses a 4-cell color filter pattern.

It has on chip 4-cell to Bayer remosaic in order to provide 4K video at 60fps with 20 percent additional pixels for EIS. In a 4-cell binned mode, it can output an impressive 3MP/1080p resolution with 20 percent additional pixels for EIS video and images at four times the sensitivity. Additionally, it supports 3-exposure HDR with on-chip combination and tone mapping. This sensor also supports both CPHY and DPHY interfaces and can output 12MP 16:9 captures at 60fps, 4K video at 60fps and 1080p video at 240fps.

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