MoSys Function Accelerator Platforms Scalable over Diverse Hardware Environments

October 4, 2019 Alix Paultre

MoSys introduced its Software Accelerator Product Line, which targets specific application functions and uses a MoSys common software interface to allow performance scalability over multiple hardware environments. This software-defined, hardware-accelerated platform architecture enables system designers to reuse internally developed software code using MoSys’ common software interface across multiple hardware environments.

The application-targeted Function Accelerator Platforms are hardware-agnostic and operate with or without a MoSys IC. The platforms can run on a CPU or FPGA that is not attached to a MoSys IC or an FPGA that is attached to a member of the MoSys Accelerator IC family, including the Bandwidth Engine or Programmable HyperSpeed Engine with in-memory compute capability.

Each Function Accelerator Platform will be comprised of a MoSys Virtual Accelerator Engine (VAE), which represents a range of software and firmware implementations of the same accelerator function (e.g., search, classification, etc.), employing a common application program interface (API), and, with FPGA versions, a common RTL interface, to allow platform solutions to easily achieve performance scaling. In addition, some function platforms will include support tools to facilitate both software and hardware design.

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