Harwin Unveils Compact EMI/RFI Shield Clips For Space-Constrained Designs

May 30, 2019 Alix Paultre

With a surface area of 2.3mm x 1.2mm and with a 2mm height, Harwin's S0911-46R shield can clip is claimed as the smallest surface-mount EMI/RFI shield clip currently available. The ultra-compact component has a Beryllium Copper construction, with Tin-over-Nickel plating, which enables shielding cans with sides 1mm in length. Designed for 0.2mm can thicknesses, it is suitable for cans that have complex shapes.

The S0911-46R is accompanied by the S0921-46R corner shield can clip, which provides additional shielding at the corner gaps of cans. This clip component is able to accommodate Harwin's larger thickness shield cans (0.3mm thick), with each corner clip only taking up 6mm2 of PCB surface area. The clip-based approach eliminates the need to solder the required shield can to the PCB. The S09 shield clips are targeted at use in electronics designs where space is seriously restricted, and have an operational temperature range from -55°C to +105°C.

For more information, visit www.harwin.com.

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