Agnisys @ DVCon Europe: Showcasing Test Sequence Generator for RISC-V Cores and SoCs

November 5, 2019 Agnisys

Munich, Germany - October 21, 2019 - Agnisys, Inc., the leading EDA provider of the industry's most comprehensive solution for Design and Verification of SoC Hardware/Software Interface (HSI), to showcase a novel test sequence generator for RISC-V cores and SoCs at DVCon Europe in Munich Germany on October 29-30, 2019.

"One of the main challenges in creating test sequences is that the same sequence functionality must be coded by multiple engineers several times in UVM, C or CSV to support various test environments," said Anupam Bakshi, Founder/CEO. "This aspect of verification can certainly be automated to increase team productivity."

Employing a golden-spec methodology, ISequenceSpec™ provides the environment for describing test sequences in pseudo-code using Python text, Word™ document or Excel™ spreadsheet. The sequence generator is able to re-target the sequences in various languages such as SystemVerilog UVM for simulation, C/Python for firmware tests and Python/C/ASCII/CSV for board testing.

We cordially invite you to see our demo at Booth #301. The demo is based on SweRV™ core, a 32-bit dual-issue 9-stage pipeline open-source processor, where we described the initialization and regular operation sequences for its on-chip Programmable Interrupt Controller. The auto-generated sequences include the following:

  • UVM Sequence Package for UVM-based Simulation - We create sequence classes that are extended from 'uvm_reg_sequence' Arguments are handled here using 'init´ function. Read/write transactions on registers occurs via register model 'rm' inside the task body.
  • - sequence file - package file
  • C Sequence Package for Firmware Tests - We create functions with a particular 'return type' that can be changed in the configuration settings. Users can perform register and field writes through the tool default APIs or user APIs.
  • h - header file
  • c - sequence file
  • h - API file
  • h - package file
  • Platform Sequence Package for Board Testing - Users can specify the base address of the IP implemented in the board, APIs used for writing/reading the registers, pre-defined initialization and clean up functions . Once generated, the sequences are ready to run on the board.
  • h - header file
  • c - sequence file

For a more detailed description of the tool flow, see our most recent blog on the subject Creating Test Sequences for RISC-V Cores and SoCs.

The latest release of ISequenceSpec is now available for download and free evaluation.

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