UnitedSiC Adds 4-Lead Kelvin Device to UF3C FAST FET Series

June 24, 2019 Alix Paultre

UnitedSiC expanded its UF3C FAST series product with a 1200V high-performance SiC FET device in a TO-247-4L 4-leaded Kelvin Sense discrete package option. The UF3C120150K4S offers a typical RDS(on) of 150 mΩ, extending the on-resistance range of the entire series from 30 mΩ all the way up to 150 mΩ. 

With a maximum operating temperature of 175°C, the UF3C120150K4S also offers reverse recovery, low gate charge, and low intrinsic capacitance. The ESD protected, HBM class 2 TO-247-4L package offers faster switching and cleaner gate waveforms compared to a standard 3-leaded TO-247. The 4-pin Kelvin package avoids gate ringing and false triggering, which would normally require switching speeds to be limited to manage the large common source inductance of 3-leaded packages.

UnitedSiC’s UF3C FAST SiC series, which now totals 13 devices, is available in TO-247-3L and TO-247-4L packages with 1200V and 650V options. The range offers very fast switching, high-power devices in a package capable with high-power dissipation based on its efficient “cascode” configuration. The 4-terminal Kelvin package offers easy screw or clamp mounting with low junction-to-case thermal resistance, taking advantage of the high junction temperature capabilities of SiC.

Learn more at www.unitedsic.com/cascodes.

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