Trackwise Offers Vertical Continuous-Plating Capability

July 9, 2019 Alix Paultre

Trackwise installed a Vertical Continuous Plating (VCP) line at its Tewkesbury factory, capable of plating reel-to-reel flexible substrates and rigid panels of any length. This capability addresses a broad range of requirements for both its Improved Harness Technology (IHT) and RF customers. The VCP process offers Industry 4.0 features, tracking the progress of each individual product as it passes through the line, enabling real-time quality control.

QR codes can be assigned, enabling items to be scanned and production settings to be self-adjusted accordingly. With these and other techniques, the process offers improved levels of plating distribution and consistency, enabling tighter etching tolerances and higher quality, as measured by parameters such as elongation, tensile strength and purity, in excess of current IPC standards.

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